They focus on end-to-end, scalable Internet of things (IOT) solutions.

This include an API-based pay-as-you-grow model for companies looking to integrate connected devices into their business and ultimately make money out of it. Their services include options of the beginner into the telecom world as well as businesses which has a big footprint already.

 The great thing about cloud based networking is that it is resilient. The virtual network is your company’s platform of engagement for clients and staff. The idea is to provide superior user experience by empowering your business. The cloud based storage is a combination of smart unified wireless access as well as the bounciness, flexibility and scalability.

It is great for your company to be able to do your business from anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection. The other great thing about it is that your company’s data is safe and secure. From cyber-attacks as well as physical threats like fire and theft. The service provider makes their own backups and make sure that their server rooms are of such a standard that in case of fire, the fire extinguishers put the fire out immediately with minimal damage.

Using cloud based networking offers your company the opportunity to visit a client and get all the needed information when they are with the client. The company’s clients can also have access to cloud based networking. Enabling them to access your company’s information as the need be.

It is also cheaper to use cloud based networking, the infrastructure of the networks and servers are not part of your start up cost. For a small monthly fee you can have access to all your company’s information without having to worry about electricity outages, servers and other issues.

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